Who We Are


Sharani Foundation is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to transforming people’s lives by working mainly in rural or remote areas through its various innovative projects. We are relentlessly working towards establishing our footprint all over Bangladesh and creating a long-term effect with our actions. Our aim is to prioritize the deprived and unaddressed communities of Bangladesh.

Our Mission

We create a sustainable future and livelihood opportunities for impoverished communities to rebuild their lives.

We believe in actions that have lasting impacts on people’s lives. By creating an avenue of opportunities for the underprivileged, we try to help them break free from a life of extreme poverty.

Sharani Foundation Our Mision
Sharani Foundation Our Vision Rural-Education-colored

Our Vision

We are a humanitarian organization, fueled by the hope of a world where people, especially the destitute and the ones in need, have equal opportunities to live with dignity and security.

Our vision is more pertinent than ever on a planet encountering larger global issues such as exclusion from access to basic needs, no proper education, extreme poverty, and limited rights.


The foundation has been formed by a group of benevolent, bright, and public spirited individuals who all share the same values and principles as well as understand the need to transform the lives of the underprivileged. Each individual leader’s background and experience give them a lens capable of truly foreseeing the change that is required to have a long-term effect on people’s lives. All the leaders behind Sharani Foundation are dedicated to working toward the key focus areas or goals of the organization


Help us build an unstoppable Bangladesh.