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Project 01 

Project Name:

Sharani Foundation x Swapnagar Bidyaniketon


Project Description:

The aim was to enhance the educational environment and support underprivileged children in one of the most forgotten communities of an abandoned tea garden near Chittagong, Bangladesh. The school in question was established in a village where all the dwellers are in a tea estate. Bangladesh Tea Board has abandoned this tea estate, which has pushed many village dwellers below the poverty line. However, Swapnagar Bidyaniketon along with some well-wishers with their effort kept the school alive. Seeing an opportunity to step in, Sharani Foundation joined hands with Swapnagar Bidyaniketon and Elite Paint to help paint the school and provide all kinds of educational supplies and items to help these kids unlock their potential and succeed.

Project Goals:

1st Goal: To create a healthy environment in the school to help students flourish

2nd Goal: Improving the quality of education for the students in the school

3rd Goal: Create a pathway for the students to unlock their potential and succeed

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